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Publication: Characterizing Smartphone Usage Patterns from Millions of Android Users

Published 2015-08 in ACM Internet Measurement Conference

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Publication Details

SummaryThis is a dataset with millions of Android users in China.
Start Time2014-04-30 16:00 UTC (+0000)
End Time2014-09-29 16:00 UTC (+0000)
Duration152 days 00:00:00 (13132800.0 s)
Publication abstract
This data set is the application (app for short) usage data of 100,000 real world Chinese Android smartphone users. The time range of this data is from 1st May, 2014 to 30th September, 2014. It is provided by Wandoujia, which is one of the most popular Android marketplaces in China. Wandoujia presents a native Android app which provides a portal for users to search and manage apps on their phones. Besides, Wandoujia management app could also record users' usage behavior, including management activities and network usage. Wandoujia management app will make daily network statistics of each app only if users allow it to do so, and all the users' privacy are hidden in this data set.
Data description
Please see the description page at
For more informationhttp://
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Record Details

ContributorXuanzhe Liu
Contributed2015-08-17 15:43:24.821 UTC (+0000)
Last Modified2015-09-03 02:54:21.393 UTC (+0000)