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Collection: Domain names with DNSSEC (Jan 2017)

List of second-level domains retrieved with zone enumeration over all top-level domains

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Collection Details

SummaryThis collection consists of a list of 5.2 million second-level domains with DNSSEC. It has been retrieved with an NSEC and NSEC3 zone enumeration over all 1372 top-level domains in January 2017. The raw NSEC records and NSEC3 hash values are available as well. In total, 6.4 million NSEC/NSEC3 records have the DS type set.
MotivationThe objective of this collection is to assess the deployment of DNSSEC among second-level domains and allow measurement analyses over a large set DNSSEC-signed domains.
Start Time2017-01-04 23:00 UTC (+0000)
End Time2017-01-28 23:00 UTC (+0000)
Duration24 days 00:00:00 (2073600.0 s)
Data formatstabular text
Geographic locationDuisburg, Germany
Network locationAS680
Logistic locationUniversity of Duisburg-Essen, Deutsches Forschungsnetz
Primary contactMatthäus Wander
CreatorsMatthäus Wander
KeywordsDNSSEC, domains, zone enumeration
The zone enumeration can be broken down into NSEC and NSEC3:
a) NSEC zone enumeration of 176 top-level domains yielded 14.5 million NSEC records with domain names.
b) NSEC3 zone enumeration of 1196 top-level domains yielded 13.5 NSEC3 records with hash values of domain names.

GPU-based NSEC3 hash breaking was used to recover the domain names from NSEC3 hash values (partially, not a complete list).
Creation process
The GPU-based nsecb3reaker was used for zone enumeration and for breaking hash values:

The method has been introduced here:
Member of(none)
1 data files (81.1 MiB)

Download Data

  • Status: activeAvailability: restricted — Duisburg, Germany   (more details)
    Download procedure: Data will be shared with academic researchers on request. Please contact via email and indicate whether you are interested in the domain list only, or the NSEC/NSEC3 records.


Record Details

ContributorMatthäus Wander
Contributed2017-05-02 11:48:53.900 UTC (+0000)
Last Modified2017-05-02 12:16:01.865 UTC (+0000)