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Collection: Congestion and forwarding anomalies

Delay and forwarding anomalies found in RIPE NCC Atlas traceroute data

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Collection Details

SummaryThe Internet Health Report helps network operators to monitor network conditions. Network performance data is collected with RIPE Atlas and analyzed with a set of tools pinpointing congestion and packet loss.
Start Time2016-12-31 15:00 UTC (+0000)
Data formatsJSON
Primary contactRomain Fontugne
CreatorsRomain Fontugne
Keywordsdelay, intermediate RTT, traceroute
Member of(none)

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Record Details

ContributorRomain Fontugne
Contributed2017-04-28 02:59:14.367 UTC (+0000)
Last Modified2017-04-28 02:59:14.367 UTC (+0000)