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Collection: Traceroutes for statistical analysis of latency

Traceroute samples obtained from 107 Planet-lab nodes during a week. Each source performed a traceroute per second.

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Collection Details

SummaryThis collection contains data gathered using traceroutes from 107 Planet-lab nodes. The nodes performed traceroute using scamper with warts files as output. These files contain traceroute information up to the 4th hop. The sampling rate was 1 traceroute per second when it was possible. The length of the measurement is a week.
MotivationThe aim of this dataset is understand the random nature of RTTs on the first hops of the Internet. It is expected that gathered data can help to model and understand RTTs' behavior on further hops, where the problem becomes more complex.
Start Time2016-04-07 03:39:07 UTC (+0000)
End Time2016-04-14 04:30:29 UTC (+0000)
Duration7 days 00:51:22 (607882.0 s)
Data formatsscamper warts
Primary contactEsteban Carisimo
CreatorsEsteban Carisimo
KeywordsRTT, scamper, traceroute
Creation process
+ Traceroutes probes using scamper from 107 Planet-lab nodes.
+ Output file: warts
+ Length of the measurement: 1 week
+ src IP: 'node' dst IP: ''
+ Hop limit: 4th hop [scamper was set on "-m 4" (maxttl)]
+ Sampling rate: 1 traceroute per second only if the previous traceroute has already finished.
Member of(none)
107 data files (938 MiB)

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Record Details

ContributorEsteban Carisimo
Contributed2016-05-06 20:33:42.412 UTC (+0000)
Last Modified2016-05-06 21:13:23.190 UTC (+0000)