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Collection: Merit BGP Route Hijacking 2015

A BGP route hijacking event observed at Merit's BGP tables

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Collection Details

SummaryA BGP route hijacking event regarding a /24 block. Merit's BGP tables have captured the event.
Start Time2015-05-01 04:00 UTC (+0000)
End Time2015-06-01 04:00 UTC (+0000)
Duration31 days 00:00:00 (2678400.0 s)
Geographic locationAnn Arbor, MI
Network locationMerit Network, Inc.
Logistic locationAnn Arbor, MI
CreatorsMichalis Kallitsis (1)
Creation process
BGP tables and updates using the Quagga software router.
Member of(none)
1490 data files (12.1 GiB)

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Record Details

ContributorMichalis Kallitsis (1)
Contributed2016-02-29 14:21:46.582 UTC (+0000)
Last Modified2016-02-29 14:25:22.701 UTC (+0000)