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Collection: Detecting third-party addresses in traceroute traces: dataset, technique and tool

Results of active probing technique based on the IP timestamp option able to identify TP addresses.

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Collection Details

SummaryResults of a campaign to evaluate a novel active probing technique based on the IP timestamp option able to identify TP addresses. For evaluating both the applicability and the utility of the proposed technique, we perform a large-scale measurement campaign targeting – from multiple vantage points – more than 327 K destinations belonging to about 14K ASes.
Primary contactPietro Marchetta
CreatorsPietro Marchetta
After removing the traces affected by filtering, the final dataset consists of ~12M traces for a total number of ∼443K
For more informationhttp://traffic.comics.unina.it/tpa/
Creation process
We selected more than 327K destinations in 14K ASes among the ones showing stable responsiveness to both ping, according to PREDICT USC-Lander IP Address Hitlists, and UDP probes carrying the TS option. We used 53 PlanetLab nodes located in different ASes as vantage points.
In particular, each node was instructed to (1.) send UDP probes toward the destinations and select those which reply and preserve the TS option; (2.) launch UDP paris-traceroute toward the selected destinations; (3.) launch an
ICMP echo-request Y|YYYY toward each intermediate hop Y; (4.) select the classifiable hops as the ones providing 1-3 timestamps; (5.) send an UDP probe toward the traceroute destination prespecifying each time a different classifiable hop collected on the path. In order to avoid ambiguities caused by load balancers, the UDP probes used to classify the hops and the ones generated
by traceroute are crafted as part of the same flow. .
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Record Details

ContributorPaul Hick
Contributed2014-09-23 00:03:06.761 UTC (+0000)
Last Modified2014-09-23 00:03:06.761 UTC (+0000)