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Collection: The UCSD Network Telescope Educational Dataset

This dataset describes methods for analyzing Internet Protocol (IP) traffic data destined to this unassigned address space

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Collection Details

SummaryThis educational dataset describes methods for analyzing Internet Protocol (IP) traffic data destined to this unassigned address space (also referred to as darkspace) using data samples from the UCSD Network Telescope
MotivationWe hope that this educational dataset, and accompanying instructions, will help teachers introduce Internet data analysis concepts to students.
Start Time2012-04-01 07:00 UTC (+0000)
End Time2012-05-01 07:00 UTC (+0000)
Duration30 days 00:00:00 (2592000.0 s)
Data formatspcap, text, Corsaro flow-tuple
Geographic locationSan Diego, CA, US
Primary contactPaul Hick
CreatorsPaul Hick
Keywordsdarknet, packet trace
We show how to use different analysis methods to extract information from the raw data, providing step-by-step instructions for analyzing the dataset, and displaying the outcome of each of the analysis steps. We contribute this material for education in the field of network data analysis and hope to inspire students and teachers to work with darkspace and other network data.

With this dataset we show how the raw data (in pcap format) can be reprocessed with the CAIDA Corsaro Software Suite to extract aggregated information. We then provide a sequence of exercises demonstrating the steps required to analyze the aggregated data for the purpose of isolating signatures of "Patch Tuesday" on April 10 in the Telescope data.
For more informationhttp://www.caida.org/data/passive/telescope-educational_dataset.xml
Creation process
This educational dataset uses Telescope data from April 2012.
Member of(none)
18 data files (4.2 GiB)

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Record Details

ContributorPaul Hick
Contributed2014-08-11 02:02:51.525 UTC (+0000)
Last Modified2014-08-11 02:02:51.525 UTC (+0000)