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Collection: Open DNS Resolver Response Data

Details the results of responding IP addresses to 4 domains, with results broken down by correctness.

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Collection Details

SummaryThe data details an IP address to DNS response correctness for 4 domains: Facebook, Google, Doubleclick, and a research domain under our control. The data can be used to identify IP addresses that engaged in censorship, malicious activity, anomalous activity, or that return correct results for all enquiries.
Start Time2013-03-10 05:00 UTC (+0000)
Geographic locationGlobal
Primary contactAndrew Kaizer
CreatorsAndrew Kaizer
KeywordsDNS, dns data, open dns
The data is broken down into /8 prefix files that describe any results observed by an IP that responded in that prefix.

Results include the following:
1 = Private research domain we own
2 = facebook.com
3 = google.com
4 = ad.doubleclick.net

Where IP is an IP address and the '-' will have on of the following values:
R = Result is correct
C = Result is known censorship practice
M = Result is known malware practice
Y = Result points to bogon
Z = Result points to another IP inside its ASN
U = Not classified as a result above
For more informationhttp://homes.soic.indiana.edu/akaizer/responses.tar.gz
Member of(none)
1 data files (45.7 MiB)

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Record Details

ContributorAndrew Kaizer
Contributed2013-07-25 15:49:47.829 UTC (+0000)
Last Modified2013-07-25 15:49:47.829 UTC (+0000)