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Collection: K-root DNS traces DITL 2008

DNS PCAP traces containing DNS queries, collected at K-root server instances

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Collection Details

SummaryDNS packet traces collected during the DITL 2008 event. Includes queries to 16 out of 17 K-root instances. The trace files in this collection contain IPv4 and IPv6 DNS queries (no replies), and a total of 1.46 billion packets.
MotivationThis data was collected as part of the DITL project, in which DNS and other Internet data is collected for a 2-day period.
Start Time2008-03-18 00:00 UTC (+0000)
End Time2008-03-19 23:59:59.999 UTC (+0000)
Duration1 days 23:59:59.999 (172799.999 s)
Data formatspcap
Geographic locationSample text from ripe/k2.ficix/20080319230000.pcap: Helsinki,FI
Logistic locationK-root DNS server
Platformtcpdump: current-cvs.tcpdump.org.2007.08.20
NSD: 2.3.7
Linux: 2.6 kernel
Primary contactRIPE NCC Datcat role account
CreatorsWolfgang Nagele (2), Anand Buddhdev, Duane Wessels
KeywordsDITL, DITL-2008-03-18, DNS, DNS roots, OARC, passive, trace

K-root is authoritative for the root, arpa, in-addr.arpa and root-servers.net zones.

Creation process
Packet traces were created using tcpdump using these command line parameters:
-s 0
-G 3600
-z (lzop|gzip)
-w (sniffer|k1|k2).<instance>.k.ripe.net.%F_%T_%Z.pcap
dst host ( or 2001:7fd::1) and dst port 53

Data was uploaded to an OARC collection server and post-processed to
increase ease of use for analysis. After site specific post-processing was
done (none for this site), pcap files for each instance were joined into single
stream, corrected for clock skew (not for this instance), reordered if
necessary, and then split into 1-hour long files. Information outside of the
48-hour DITL interval was discarded.
Member of
1200 data files (139 GiB)

Download Data

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    Download procedure: For more information about OARC visit the OARC website.


Record Details

ContributorRIPE NCC Datcat role account
Contributed2008-05-16 14:43:56.121 UTC (+0000)
Last Modified2009-03-16 17:20:15.959 UTC (+0000)