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Welcome to DatCatSM

The DatCat catalog indexes Internet measurement data.

DatCat lets you find, annotate, and cite data.

The goals of the system are:

For more information, see the general documentation.


2015-11-19 DatCat server maintenance completed.
2014-09-23 Fixed bugs in creating and editing Data Formats.
2014-08-19 DatCat upgraded to version 3.0. The new version makes it easier than ever to find Collections of relevant data and get right to downloading them. Features:
  • Omits information about individual data and package files to avoid "information overload".
    • Important information from Data and Packages was merged into the relevant Collections.
    • All Handles for old Data and Package objects now redirect to the relevant Collections.
  • Simplified download links or instructions for Collections.
  • Simple Search is now in the top right corner of every page and works more like familiar search engines.
  • Searching by date is easier in Advanced Search for Collections.
  • Advanced Search options are all visible at once.
  • Collection detail pages include a tree of related Collections.
Note to contributors: Information from your old Data and Package objects was merged into the relevant Collections. For comparison purposes, the previous versions are temporarily still available at legacy.datcat.org.
2013-02-05 The new DatCat simplified online submission system is now available.
2012-09-15 DatCat is back! All previously existing information is intact and available for browsing. We are in the process of reorganizing the structure of DatCat to make it easier to find and contribute information.
2010-09-17 DatCat database shut down.
2006-06-12 DatCat opened to public viewing.

Catalog Statistics

The catalog contains metadata about
43.1 TiB of data,
in 393257 data files,
in 223 collections/publications.

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